The author Louise Lucienne Virginie de la Fonteijne-Hérouf
The author Louise Lucienne Virginie de la Fonteijne-Hérouf





Louise learned to use the computer at the age of 82 and to email with the whole world, including her sister Mimi and her Polish pen friend Beata. Louise had always wanted to write stories and she started at the age of almost 90. This book is a hodgepodge of stories from her childhood and everyday things. With this, one of her dreams has come true to write stories someday.

Short stories from now and in the past, amusing, nostalgic or to think about.










You can find two stories from the French-language collection of stories Tutti Frutti in the links below.


La pendule



Cover page Tutti Frutti




















 The French edition of her 2017 Tutti Frutti collection of stories can be found on Google Play books and can be bought there. The Dutch edition of Tutti Frutti was released a year later and can also be found on Google play books.

The French-language printed edition of Tutti Frutti has a very limited edition. There are only left a few specimens of this full-color printed gem with photos of Louise and some of her artworks. The book lover who wants to qualify for this unique collector's item sends an email to Marcel de la Fonteijne.

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