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Timely insights on markets and macroeconomics around the world
  1. The $2.2 trillion stimulus is the biggest ever, but the U.S. Congress may be forced to do even more.
  2. Liquidity could remain challenged, but valuations may be attractive for long-term investors.
  3. Canada’s economy may be at greater risk for lasting damage, but we believe Ottawa is well-positioned to respond.
  4. The conditions for a relatively quick and robust rebound rest on the success in containing the virus within a reasonable horizon, and a well-calibrated economic policy response.
  5. The Fed’s aggressive support may help keep markets functioning, hasten recovery and avoid longer-term damage.
  6. We believe Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury efforts to improve overall market liquidity will have a positive effect on U.S. mortgage pricing, bringing opportunity to investors.
  7. A bolder fiscal response to the rapidly spreading coronavirus has become an economic and political imperative.
  8. Governments and central banks have started to respond more forcefully to the health crisis, enacting policy in an effort to limit long-term damage to the global economy.
  9. The Fed announced two actions Thursday in response to stress in the market for U.S. Treasuries.
  10. The European Central Bank (ECB) didn’t follow other major central banks and refrained from cutting interest rates in response to the coronavirus outbreak. This signals a shift in the central bank’s preferred policy tools – read more.