Chaos Theory and Pulse Combustors

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Chaos theory is a field of study in mathematics, physics, and philosophy studying the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Here the term chaos is used in a technical sense which is different from the normal use of the word. It is very practical because it help us investigating stability and reliability of systems.

Quasi chaos is seen in many phenomena as is common known. We showed that under certain circumstances also with pulse combustion chaos can happen. This is of course not very surprising, because a model of a pulse combustor consist of several couppled non-linear differential equations.

Below you will find a nice example of this behaviour. Where u, P and T are the normalized particle velocity, the pressure and temperature of a pulse combustor respectively.

Chaos behaviour of a pulse conbustorChaos behaviour of a pulse conbustor

A theoretical investigation could put a light on this phenomena, where it would be interesting to see what possibilities we have to change this chaotic behaviour. And to make a large leap: how can we influence chaotic behaviour in politics, economics and climate and change it the way we like.

Students are invited to contact me for such a theoretical investigation. We started this investigation in cooperation with the TUD, TUE, TNO and Senter Novem (Agentschapnl).

This research could also be interesting for gasturbines, where you in particular would like to avoid pressure variations.


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