Energy and Exergy

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The term energy in the common sense is used in several ways. Here you can find a thermodynamical way of looking at energy.

The part of the energy that can be converted into useful work is called exergy. Exergy is a measurement of the quality of the energy.

So it is clear that one has to use energy in a smart way by minimizing exergy losses.

DLF Sustainable has a lot of experiences to optimize your application by minimizing the exergy losses, which will result in a higher effiency of your process. A good example is Combined Heat and Power (CHP), although it is necessary to keep thermal and power demand in balance.

Other terms of interest are enthalpy, free energy, entropy.

Another interesting website about entropy�and the 2nd law of�thermo dynamics, have a look in particular at the discussion between a professor and a student about the relationship between entropy and Free Gibb's Energy.





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