Mission statement and vision

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Mission statement

DLF Sustainable is a specialist in the field of thermodynamical applications and in analysing your energy flows.

Sustainability is often a 'buzz' word, at DLF Sustainable it is business as usual to really save energy in industrial processes and to increase productivity. Where needed we use external experts or we cooperate with research institutes to obtain the best possible results.

From the usage of low and high pressure steam to full automatic drying equipment, practically everywhere in industry there is a possibility of saving energy by examining existing solutions. And of course this is not only valid to existing applications like oil refinery, dryers for bulk chemicals, ect., but also to new developments like biomass gasification and sun power. We deliver the technical expertise needed to adapt your industrial process in order to meet todate criteria such as energy price level and environmental requirements from the government.Michael Braungart signs his book Cradle to Cradle for MarcelMichael Braungart signs his book Cradle to Cradle for Marcel

Braungart has evoked worldwide enthusiasm when he introduced his Cradle to Cradle concept resulting in a new impulse on sustainability.

According to us a sustainable conduct of business is not an end destination but the willingness to search for improvements for not only Profit but also Planet and People.


The classical fossile fuels are peaking in a few decenia. Time for a new concept.

DLF Sustainable foresees a future with higher energy prices and where a smart use of natural resources is a 'must do' for the survival of enterprises. This includes a change of habits and new roads have to be travelled. DLF Sustainable uses her knowledge at the intersection of technical solution and enterpreneurial approach and by doing so achieving that every company will adopt sustainability in its curriculum. By means of keen analyses and sound proposals DLF Sustainable contributes to reach a world wide sustainable production, taken into account climate change, CO2 problems and environmental requirements.

With an open and critical attitude new ideas will open up the possibility to solve problems in the core. Innovation and creativity will be the leading key words.

DLF Sustainable is your reliable partner to solve your energy and environmental problems in a social responsible way.

Social Responsible Enterpreneurship for now and the future.

Sustainable Technology and Environmental Solutions

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